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Brown Trout fishing at Allan Park – slow long weekend

Date: September 2, 2017
Temperature: 17°C
Water depth: 10-13ft
Location: Allan Park, Ontario
Bait used: trout dough, trout nuggets (on Amazon Canada or Amazon US)

The first thing I do when I arrive at the location is I get my rig in the water, before I unpack my gear. Once it is in the water, I set up my seat, tackle and camera. That’s why sometimes I don’t get some early catches on camera if the fish take the bait soon after casting. This time I had 2 decent size Brownies take the bait almost immediately one after another that were not in the video. I turned on the camera while reeling in my third fish.

Once I was set up, not much was happening. It turned out to be a very slow day and I caught only 4 Brown Trout and some suckers and minnows. What surprised me was that suckers were taking bait mid water. They probably could smell the bait and really liked it to leave the bottom and take it in the middle of water column at around 6ft in 12ft deep spot.

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