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Bullhead and Perch fishing on worms

Date: August 23, 2016
Temperature: 32°C
Water depth: 8-9ft
Location: Holland River, Ontario
Bait used: Worms

This time I decided to try catching Carp in my spot on Holland River because last time I was here I saw a few decent sized Carps in the shallow water digging between rocks. On that day I only had ultra-light rod with very thin line that would not survive battle with a 10+ pound Carp. This time I came prepared with heavier rod. But as it often happens there was no sight of Carp even after chumming. So I modified my rig and decided to try using worms and that’s how my fun with Bullheads started. They were biting nonstop until 10:30 and then just like that stopped completely. That’s when I took out my ultra-light with float and spent another hour catching Bass, Perch and Sunfish. Even that I didn’t catch the fish I was after I still had a lot of fun so it was a good day.

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