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Float fishing for Brown Trout – great day, beautiful sunrise

Date: September 16, 2017
Temperature: 23°C
Water depth: 10-13ft
Location: Allan Park, Ontario
Bait used: trout dough, trout nuggets (on Amazon Canada or Amazon US)

What a day to be fishing. Amazing sunrise, lake like a mirror – not a ripple on it, and fish biting one after another.

All fish were caught at around 6ft depth. You can see that some were popping up to the surface quite often and were very active. The reliable trout nuggets worked great here again.

I tried using fishing gloves hoping that they would help me get a better grip on these very slippery fish, but turns out, they are worse than holding them in naked hand. The rubber on the gloves gets wet and the fish easily slips out, much worse than from your hand. If the fish dried out a bit it would work, but if you’re releasing them then you want to unhook them and put them back as soon as possible to reduce stress. They work better when filleting the fish.

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