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Float fishing in Brown Trout paradise

Date: April 29, 2017
Temperature: 12°C
Water depth: 3-5ft
Location: Allan Park, Ontario
Bait used: trout dough, trout nuggets (on Amazon Canada or Amazon US)

The first time I fished at this pond was a day before this trip and I didn’t record it. The pond was packed with people, as it was trout opening weekend and it was hard to find a spot. On that day I was pretty much experimenting with different baits and looking for the best one. As you can see in this video I was successful in my search. These Brownies go crazy for trout nuggets and trout dough in dark colors. These fish are stocked from hatchery, where they feed them fish pellets, so if you use small dark ball on a hook to imitate it they should take it. These fish were stocked at the beginning of April so they were still easy to catch as they never experienced being hooked. Chumming your spot with fish food helps tremendously as they are used to it and will stay nearby. I fished for about 4 hours and it was probably the most fun I had on the water.

After the first fish we heard a loud bang coming from the parking area and you can see in the video I went to check out what happened. When I got close to the parking, I saw a parked car that rolled down the hill and crashed into the trees. That must have been a nasty surprise for the owner.

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