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Ice fishing for Northern Pike at Island Lake

Date: January 9, 2018
Temperature: -2°C
Water depth: 7ft
Location: Island Lake Conservation Area, Ontario
Bait used: minnows, small tungsten jig (on Amazon Canada or Amazon US) with waxies

This lake was new to me – I never fished here before. I usually fished on ice for Pike on Little Lake, Wilcox and few others. I was using minnows as bait that are sold on location.

For a first time fishing there, I was blown away at the number of Pikes I caught. In about 4 hours of fishing, I caught 6 Pikes! All of them were about 22-24” so not very big but still a lot of fun to catch. In between the Pike bites, I was playing with little perch. I used small tungsten jig tipped with wax worms. It was not a very good spot for panfish but the pike bites were on.

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