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Largemouth Bass on minnows from a small boat.

Largemouth Bass

Date: July 7, 2016
Temperature: 26°C
Water depth: 6ft
Location: Shadow Lake/Gull River, Ontario
Bait used: Live minnows – Chubs and Suckers 4-5in

On that date the thunderstorm passed by the area at night but the day was decent.  Early morning dark clouds in the sky looked like they will bring rain or even thunderstorm but they cleared up.  Unfortunately it affected fishing and only small Largemouths were biting.  I caught 3 small ones, but only 2 are in the video. First, I started fishing on Shadow Lake and that’s where I got the first bass not in the video.  Later, around 11am, I moved into river and there I caught the 2 which are on the video. I was trying to catch Northern Pike but they just weren’t biting. Oh well.  That’s fishing.  I’ll be back on another date.

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