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Largemouth Bass on minnows from boat

Largemouth Bass

Date: August 9, 2016
Temperature: 28°C
Water depth: 4-9ft
Location: Shadow Lake, Ontario
Bait used: Minnows

I came back to the same spot on Shadow lake as last time on August 2 on a cooler day to see if the bites improved.  The area was filled with Largemouths and you can even see them checking out the minnow in the video.  But they were there only for an hour and I managed to catch 2 and 1 not in video came off the hook.  I don’t know if they got spooked by the fish I caught or they got a fill of the little fish that were abundant in the area.  I moved to check other areas but had no bites at other locations as well.

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