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October Rainbow Trout fishing at Glen Haffy

Date: October 3, 2018
Temperature: 16°C
Water depth: 2-4ft
Location: Glen Haffy Conservation Area, Ontario
Bait used: chartreuse trout worm (on Amazon Canada or Amazon US), salmon eggs

After the trout season closes at most locations on September 30, Glen Haffy Conservation Area remains open and it has extended trout season until Thanksgiving long weekend.

The weather was sketchy, cloudy with light rain passing through but the bites were good. As usual here, I started off fishing using chartreuse worm and when the bites slowed down I switched to salmon eggs and the fun continued.

My poor float endured such a punishment over the last 2 years of setting hook and catching hundreds of fish that the brass swivel that the line goes through wore out and broke off.

When the rain started pouring, I packed up and left. As I was loading my car with the gear in a hurry, I put my rod on the roof of my car and forgot to put it inside the car. As I drove off the rod fell off and I (temporarily) lost it. More info here.

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