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PB Rainbow Trout on pink trout dough

Date: April 22, 2017
Temperature: 8°C
Water depth: 18-36ft
Location: Parry Island, Ontario
Bait used: pink trout dough (on Amazon Canada or Amazon US)

It’s just my luck. I catch pb Rainbow Trout and the camera is off. Here is the story.

I was fishing most of the day with my float rig rod rotating different baits but I have not had a single bite on it so I decided to get my bottom rig rod out of the car. I turned off the camera as I walked to the car – no need to record that. When I got the rod and walked back to my fishing spot I put pink dough on one hook and chartreuse on the other and just dropped it right in front of me just to see how deep it is. I just wanted to test it and not intended to fish there.

The sinker touched the bottom and I started to reel in immediately. As it was getting closer to the surface, I noticed huge Rainbow chasing it. I stopped reeling hoping that it would take the bait. It swam around it twice and took the pink dough bait and the fight began. I fought with it for about 5 minutes because I was afraid it might break off as I was using fairly light setup. I had to lay down on the ground and stretch to net the fish because my net was a bit too short.

When I landed it and put it on the ground, I thought that I’m going to have an awesome footage of my personal best Rainbow and then it hit me. I realized that I didn’t turn on the camera after I got the rod. I felt crushed. I turned the camera on, grabbed the fish and posed it in front of it just so I have record of it. This Rainbow weighted 7.02lb and it was the only fish I caught that day.

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