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Pike and Bass on minnows from a small boat.

Dalrymple Pike

Date: June 5, 2016
Temperature: 32°C in the afternoon
Water depth: 8ft
Location: Dalrymple Lake, Ontario
Bait used: Live minnows – Chubs and Suckers 4-5in

After about 8 year break from fishing on Dalrymple Lake I decided to revisit it and see if it’s still a good fishing hole.  This lake is great for pike, bass, walleye and slab crappies. I caught my biggest pikes and crappies on this lake.  Unfortunately, access to water from shore is very limited and boat is pretty much a must.  It has a public boat launch so it’s easy to drop the boat in the water and it’s free.  It was a pretty slow day but I got lucky with the pike that I caught right after casting out.  Most of other fishermen around me were not catching anything decent in my area at least.  I had the depth set at 5ft and was fishing in about 8ft of water that had single long leafy weeds.  The bass took around noon, near the end of my fishing.  I noticed that my fish finder started beeping like crazy and showing lots of fish so I decided to bring the bait closer to see if anything takes it.  As soon as I did I got a small bass that came off my flattened barbs treble hook.  The season for bass was still closed so it was a quick release.

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