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Pikes on minnows from a small boat.

Dalrymple Pike

Date: June 19, 2016
Temperature: 26°C in the afternoon, windy
Water depth: 7-8ft
Location: Dalrymple Lake, Ontario
Bait used: Live minnows – Chubs and Suckers 4-5in

After my last fishing trip here on June 5, which was a bit slow, I came back to the same spot for a retest.  There were very few boat on the lake and nobody fished near me.  The day started off great.  Within and hour I caught 2 pikes and lost one in the thick weeds.  But the weather changed and the wind pick up with strong gusts, making high waves and the bites stopped.  It was a short trip as the high waves started splashing water into the boat so I decided to finish after 3 hours.  It was short but successful thanks to the early bites.

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