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Rainbow Trout fishing at Glen Haffy

Date: July 11, 2018
Temperature: 25°C
Water depth: 2-4ft
Location: Glen Haffy Conservation Area, Ontario
Bait used: chartreuse trout worm (on Amazon Canada or Amazon US), yellow eggs

I had time off from work so I decided to have some fun and go fishing to Glen Haffy. I started fishing using my go to at these ponds – chartreuse worm, but after a couple of fish caught they stopped biting on it so I started to rotate different baits looking for one that that would work. I hit the jackpot with yellow eggs.

The bites were sporadic but at least I was catching some. The people around me were not hooking anything. I shared my bait with my neighbor fishing next to me and he hooked one decent fish but lost it. Later, I was joking when I hooked a decent size fish myself that I got his fish.

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