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Rainbow Trout fishing on float rig with trout dough

Date: December 25, 2016
Temperature: -6°C
Water depth: 12-18ft
Location: Parry Island, Ontario
Bait used: pink trout dough (on Amazon Canada or Amazon US)

At the beginning, you can see something funny that happened to the angler next to me. The pup stole that person’s bait and as he was chasing the dog, it ran to me and gave me his bait. It is not my dog; it belongs to someone living there. I guess the puppy wanted to help me score some extra bait but unfortunately, whatever they were using did not work because I didn’t see them catch anything.

I, on the other hand caught 4 fish that day. I caught the first 2 fish just as I was setting up, one after another and they were not recorded. One was small like the first one in the video and second one was decent at around 14in. But my last one in the video was a really nice size fish.

I was using float rig with 30cm 0.18mm line leader and very sensitive float weighted so it would show most delicate hit and create minimal resistance. The first 2 fish I caught at around 6ft depth but after I had no strikes for about 2 hours so I decided to go deeper. The 2 fish in the video were caught at around 12ft. This was a great day on the water even that it was cold.

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