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Sunfish on ultra light with worm.


Date: July 12, 2016
Temperature: 34°C
Water depth: 8-9ft
Location: Holland River, Ontario
Bait used: Live worms, artificial pink maggots

On this really hot day I decided to have some fun with sunfish. My first spot I tried was completely covered by Duckweed and fish were not there, no bites.  The second spot was blocked off by construction so I drove along the bank looking for a new, decent fishing spot in the shade.  I found this spot and it looked like all the fish were seeking shade and concentrated under that bridge.  Apart from little sunfish and bass I saw carp coming up to the surface.  This spot was great.  I didn’t have to wait very long for bites and was pulling one fish after another.  I was using worms and tested silicone pink maggots that seemed to work, but not as well as real worms.  That gave me an idea later to test some artificial baits next time if the bites are as good.  I have quite a few different ones so that will be a good place for a test. Soon.

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