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Unplanned fishing trip to Glen Haffy

Date: October 4, 2018
Temperature: 22°C
Water depth: 2-4ft
Location: Glen Haffy Conservation Area, Ontario
Bait used: chartreuse trout worm (on Amazon Canada or Amazon US), salmon eggs

This fishing trip was unplanned. I was fishing here the day before (seen here) and as I was packing my car in a hurry because of rain, I forgot to put my rod inside the car and left it on the roof. As I drove off the rod fell off the roof of my car and I lost it. I came back today hoping that it would be still here. Unfortunately it wasn’t. Since I was going here anyway, I thought I might as well do some fishing. Therefore, I set up my spare rod and decided to have some fun.

The day started with a light drizzle but turned beautiful sunny and warm with clear sky later on. The bites, just like on the previous day, were good so despite the fact that I was disappointed that I didn’t find my rod, I still had fun.

PS. I came back here on the weekend and as I was paying for fishing permit at the front booth, I noticed my rod, which sticks out with its bright green color, in the corner of the booth along with many other rods. The staff at Glen Haffy found my rod and left it inside the booth. I was so happy to get it back.

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