KastKing KastPro 150m/300m 4 Strand Braided Fishing Line 8-80LB 0.12-0.48mm


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Aggressive “Diamond Weave” – Thin but exceptional strong “Diamond Weave” is incredibly strong and abrasion resistant.
Easy Casting – KastPro MultiTuf braid’s round, smooth finish delivers long, easy casts in both freshwater and saltwater.
Abrasion resistance – Perfect for the toughest fishing conditions such as heavy cover, vegetation, rocks and underwater wood structure.
Color Fast – Available in several popular colors, KastPro braid is color fast to eliminate fading.
KastKing® BioSpools – Compostable and will deteriorate in soil in eight to twelve months.

Popular Colors and Line Weights
KastPro is available in both Grass Green and Blue and is available in 9 line weights from 8-80 lbs, length in both 150 and 300m, reel filling BioSpools.

Minimum Stretch
Extremely low line stretch means that you have increased hook setting speed and power. In addition, it provides incredible sensitivity, so you’ll feel even more strikes and be able to quickly penetrate the hook and land more fish.

Built Aggressive for Extreme Conditions
KastKing KastPro MultiTuf Braid is brute strong because of our aggressive “Diamond Weave” which increases abrasion resistance and is perfect for the toughest fishing conditions such as heavy cover, vegetation, rocks and underwater wood structure.

Pro Angler Approved
KastPro MultiTuf braid is on the reels of professional fishing guides, charter captains, tournament winners, and independent testers. The results were consistent, when they wanted the strongest, thinnest and most abrasion resistant 4 carrier braids, they trusted KastPro over and over.

Fish with KastPro MutiTuf Braid Anywhere
KastPro braided line is ideal for saltwater surf casting, jetty fishing, pier fishing, bass fishing around heavy cover, trout fishing in rocky freshwater, boat fishing, kayak fishing, or any other type of fishing.

KastKing BioSpool
KastKing has raised the bar for corporate environmental responsibility in the fishing tackle industry. KastKing fishing line BioSpools will break down in a landfill helping to decrease landfill bulk. KastKing BioSpools are made with wheat straw waste products and will replace traditional hard plastic spools.

4 Carrier MultiTuf Fiber Braid

Vacuum Extraction Technique

Superior Abrasion Resistance

KastKing® BioSpools is Biodegradable to Reduce Landfill Bulk

Color Fast to Eliminate Fading

Zero Line Memory

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Green, Blue


0.12mm / 8LB, 0.15mm / 10LB, 0.18mm / 15LB, 0.24mm / 20LB, 0.28mm / 30LB, 0.33mm / 40LB, 0.37mm / 50LB, 0.42mm / 65LB, 0.48mm / 80LB

Spool Size:

150m, 300m


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