KastKing SuperKast 9 275m 9 Strand Braided Fishing Line 10-80LB 0.15-0.48mm


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Revolutionary Design – 9 (that’s right – nine!) strands of MultiTuf PE fibers.
Reverse Spiral Winding Technology – KastKing SuperKast9 is reverse wound so there are no gaps between the wraps!
Superior Castability – 9 strands make the SuperKast9 perfectly ROUND!
Tougher – Laboratory tests showed SuperKast9 braided fishing line had substantial wear resistance compared to other fishing line brands.
KastKing® BioSpools – KastKing® BioSpools are compostable and will deteriorate in soil in eight to twelve months.

Reverse Spiral Winding Technology

KastKing® BioSpool is biodegradable to reduce landfill bulk

Reverse spiral winding fills gaps and generates increased casting distance

Reduced Friction, Smoother through the guides, increased casting distance

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0.15mm / 10LB, 0.18mm / 15LB, 0.24mm / 20LB, 0.28mm / 30LB, 0.33mm / 40LB, 0.37mm / 50LB, 0.42mm / 65LB, 0.48mm / 80LB


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