Goture 9 Frog Set 5.5cm 12.5g Fishing Lures


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Item Type: Soft Bait(Frog Lure)
Weight: 12.5g/0.44oz
Length: 5.5cm/2.17inch
Diving Depth: topwater
Color: 9 colors available

01. A weighted metal in the belly;
02. Create life-like swimming actions in water;
03. Precise spots, ears, front arms, and bulging eyes;
04. Better collapsibility for more hook-ups;
05. Ultra-soft yet durable body;
06. Foolproof weedless design;

3D Simulated Eyes and Vivid Frog Shape

Strong and Super Sharp Double Hook

Button Lead to Create a Head-up Action and Better for Casting
Colorful Tails for More Attractive to the Fish


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