Piscifun Alijos 300 9BB Baitcasting Fishing Reel


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Hunt anything that swims in freshwater or saltwater with the new powerful Alijos 300 baitcasting reels which provide massive cranking power with a smooth effortless retrieve. The Alijos 300 baitcaster is built for throwing big baits and catching big fish. The high level water resistant treatment provides long-lasting durability in the harshest environments.

Product Specification:
1. Size: 300
2. Color: Black & Red, Gray& Golden
3. Bearings: 8+1 Shielded Stainless Steel Bearings
4. Gear Ratio: 5.9:1(Black & Red), 8.1:1(Gray& Golden)
5. Max Drag: 15KG/33LB
6. Reel Weight: 320g
7. Frame Material: Aluminum
8. Handle: Power Handle & Double Handle
9. Use: Freshwater & Saltwater
10. Mono Capacity: 0.369mm/175m
11. Braid Capacity: 0.330mm/190m

Product Features:
1. Durable – The Piscifun Alijos size 300 baitcasting reel designed with premium aluminum frame and gear side plate which provide incredible durability to handle the biggest freshwater fish.
2. Incredibly Powerful & Strong – Boasts with an incredible 15kg of drag and HUGE Hamai cut hardened brass gearing to handle fish way out of its league, the Alijos is built for big fish and big swimbaits which make it a great inshore saltwater baitcasting fishing reel.
3. Top in Class Components – Loaded with high end components, Alijos 300 baitcasting reels are a next level baitcaster reels for pro fishing tournaments. Alijos features 8 double shielded stainless steel bearings and one instant anti reverse paired with Hamai cut hardened brass main gear and pinion gear to ensure the durability, low noise as well as smoothness.
4. Multiple Choices – Alijos 300 baitcast reels come with 5.9:1 and 8.1:1 gear ratios options with different color coated features make it a multi adaptation fishing reel. You can also select ordinary double handle or strong power handle according to personal preferences.
5. Ergonomic and Innovative – Piscifun Alijos 300 baitcasting reel comes with a super easy to access thumb bar engage button on the gear side plate which helps you bump back the thumb bar without cranking the handle. The super sturdy line wrap spool eliminates using mono as backing. Double shafts support line guide system greatly increases the stability and durability. 8 effective magnetic braking system prevents overruns and backlash. Inner wrapped thumb bar pad give you better comfort.

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Black with Power Handle, Black with Double Handle, Gray with Power Handle, Gray with Double Handle


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